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Introduction to Cardology


Cardology Destiny Cards takes the concepts of Astrology and applies it to the traditional 52 playing cards suite (53 including the Joker card). Each day in the calendar is assigned a card and in the life spread you can understand your purpose, blessings and challenges for you in this life. Cards can be assigned to people and places and can reveal the potential fate of those things through studying their corresponding spreads.

Cardology can be used as a predictive tool assisting you in goal setting for careers, relationship synastry & compatibility and in monitoring changes in the home and health. This is the perfect tool for those who don't know their birth time as required for the full aspects of an Astrology Birth or Synastry charts. I look forward to sharing this knowledge with you all!




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Cardology Birth Card Report  -  $55.00

A detailed report explaining your Cardology birth card, the planetary ruler and the twelve associated planetary card placements. The Cardology birth card is assigned by birth date from the 52 card suite (53 including the Joker) and each card placement defines a specific aspect of your personality and life's mission.  It includes the birth card, your current numerology life path number and the current 52-day period and the associated primary and secondary card influences. This is a recommended report for those who do not know their birth place and/or time as they are not required in Cardology. Reports will be a minimum of 2 pages long.



 Cardology 52-day Period Report  - $65.00

This report includes the details of your current or next 52-day period for this birth year revealing the upcoming challenges, blessings and possible karmatic influences coming to you soon. It includes a detailed description of your birth card, the thirteen-year influence, current life path number and the primary and secondary influences of the selected birth year’s 52-day period. Use this report to gain a better understanding of where your energies should be focused and what short term goals should be set immediately. This is a recommended report for those who do not know their birth place and/or time as they are not required in Cardology. Reports will be a minimum 2 pages long.

 Cardology Annual Report  - $95.00

A detailed Cardology report for your specific birth card and yearly cards for your birth year. This report breaks down the areas of focus, challenges, blessings and lessons you need to learn from the current birth year until the next. It includes the the numerology life path number, thirteen-year influence. seven 52-day planetary periods, displacement, environment and cosmic lesson cards for this year. This report can reveal the possibility of life partnership or marriage possibilities, conception or childbirth, traveling, changes in work and health and potential karmatic endings and beginnings that may occur during the birth year. Use this report to navigate short and long-term goals for the near future and prepare yourself for potential challenges as well. This is a recommended report for those who do not know their birth place and/or time as they are not required in Cardology.  Reports will be a minimum of 4 pages long.


Cardology Synastry & Composite Report  - $95.00

A combined report of your Cardology birth card, the other person and the influences you have on each other as a unit. It includes each seven 52-day period synastry overlay and planetary connections you have between each other. This report can reveal past life connections, challenging karmatic connections, marriage or life partnership possibility, partner point -of-view, and gives details on the nature and purpose of the relationship. This includes any synastry annual influences you have on each other as well that may explain the fate of the relationship for each other’s current birth year. Use this report to gain a better understanding on the compatibility of the relationship between two people and can be used for family and friends as well as romantic partnerships. Reports will be a minimum 3 pages long.

***Emergency Readings are currently not available for Cardology services at this time.***

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