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Introduction to HOODOO & CANDLE MAGICK

New Orleans Hoodoo practices originated from African-based religions in the 1800s blending Catholicism, European folk magick, and herbalism from Native American practices. Root working candle magick is performed through rituals using petitions, herbs, candles, the phases of the moon and anointing oils with the help of Spirit Guides and Patron Saints to assist with your goals and highest intentions. My root working is white magick only and does not interfere with the free will of others. 




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**NEW****limited stock**Hoodoo Honey Jar Consultation - $65.00

Hoodoo Honey Jars are used to accelerate your manifesting energy and to attract prosperity. They are most commonly used for love, career and finances.  Spell work begins during the waxing/full moon energy to help with alignment with your highest intentions. A customized Hoodoo Honey Jar consultation; includes Hoodoo Honey Jar Manifestation Kit (Jar, Herbs, Candle, Oil) and instructions. Each consultation comes with a Tarot Reading to identify the situation energy, blockages and advice to remove them. 

Chakra Healing Reading - $35.00 

A Tarot reading identifying the blockages in  the primary 7 Chakras (Root, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Throat, Third-Eye, Heart, Crown Chakras) and methods to heal them. This includes a Spirit message, Soul Lesson message for each blockages and candle magick rootworking to assist in removing the blockage. Video tarot readings will be a minimum of 15 minutes long. 



**NEW** Uncrossing Rootwork  - $45.00

A candle magick rootworking to remove a suspected hex, curse, roadblock or unwanted negative energy in your aura. Uncrossing Rootwork is used to remove spiritual hooks and chords placed upon you that bind you to negative circumstances. This includes the performance of the ritual and 21 day prayer to recite preventing the negative energy to return as well as a tarot reading to identify the source of the blockage and methods for you to remove them and the results. Video tarot readings will be a minimum of 15 minutes long.


**NEW** Prosperity Rootwork   - $45.00

A candle magick rootworking to increase prosperity, success and abundance in your life. This includes performance of the ritual and a prayer to recite to open the flow of energy into your aura. Prosperity rootwork can be used to help with job hunting, financial gains, drawing customers in business, and to increase your ability to remain open to positive connections in your life. This work includes a tarot reading to identify your current blockages, methods for you to remove them and the results. Video recordings will be a minimum of 15 minutes long.


**NEW** Cupid’s Healing Rootwork - $45.00

A candle magick rootworking to remove blockages in the heart chakra and increase the flow of unconditional love for self and others. Cupid’s Healing Rootwork can be used to help with guilt and shame associated with unworthiness and helps the querent in their journey to show themselves compassion. Successful removal of blockages in this chakra can lead you closer to healthy relationships and life partnerships. This work includes a tarot reading identifying the blockages in your love life, methods for you to remove them and the results. Video recordings will be a minimum of 15 minutes long.

***Emergency Readings are currently not available for Conjuring services at this time.***

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All paid Intuitive Card Readings and Conjuring services are sent within 5 - 7 business days (Monday - Friday) from the date your payment and question is received. All paid Astrology and Cardology reports are sent within 7 - 14 business days (Monday - Friday) from the date your payment is received. Please contact me your question(s) after order.  Giveaway readings (participation required) are sent within 14 business days and Free/Gifted readings are sent when I have availability. Email readings are written transcriptions of your  spread. Video readings are recorded videos and sent via private video link  for you to watch and/or listen to multiple times at your convenience. I am dedicated to providing affordable services and pray to be your personal reader for future insight. Tarot and Cartomancy readings are for entertainment purposes only, please consult a trained professional in their field if you need to specific help concerning pregnancy, health or legal matters. All conjuring services are white magick and do not interfere or overwrite with the free will of others.