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**NEW** Birth Chart Report  -  $55.00

A detailed interpretation explaining your Astrology Birth Chart, including your sign placement, house assignment based on rising sign and the birth char aspects.   This report also include your numerology life path number and your annual numerology year. Reports will be a minimum of 2 pages long. Book your reading here. 



**NEW** Synastry Report  - $65.00

A detailed interpretation on the astrological influence of the birth charts of two people. this report breaks down how the two people interact with each other and the effect the individuals have between them. Synastry reports can tell how well they will be as a unit. This include the aspects between the two people and the house overlapping placements. Reports will be a minimum 2 pages long. Book your reading here.​ 


**NEW** Relationship Composite Report  - $65.00

A detailed astrology interpretation of the relationship between two people. this report identifies the nature of the relationship as a whole combining the birth charts of the two people to form the chart of the relationship And is used to determine the type of environment the relationship will be.  It includes the chart sign PLACEMENTS, house assignment based on the combined rising sign and the aspects. Reports will be a minimum of 2 pages long. Book your reading here.


**NEW** Fertility Reading- Video $80.00 

An Astrology Birth chart and Progressed chart Report and Cardology analysis to identify when conception is most likely, gender of the child and due date This also includes a Tarot Reading (video) addressing your current energy, blockages preventing conception or a healthy pregnancy and how to remove them as well Video readings will be a minimum of 20 minutes long. Book your reading here.

Past Life Reading - $200.00 

A detailed reading to determine past life & current karmatic blockages with spiritual guidance on how to resolve them in an area of your choice.  This reading includes a Tarot Spread and Astrology Birth Chart evaluation. Video readings will be a minimum of 60 minutes long. Book your reading here.

***Emergency Readings are currently not available for Astrology services at this time.***

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Okaasan's Message

All paid Intuitive Card Readings and Conjuring services are sent within 5 - 7 business days (Monday - Friday) from the date your payment and question is received. All paid Astrology and Cardology reports are sent within 7 - 14 business days (Monday - Friday) from the date your payment is received. Please contact me your question(s) after order.  Giveaway readings (participation required) are sent within 14 business days and Free/Gifted readings are sent when I have availability. Email readings are written transcriptions of your  spread. Video readings are recorded videos and sent via private video link  for you to watch and/or listen to multiple times at your convenience. I am dedicated to providing affordable services and pray to be your personal reader for future insight. Tarot and Cartomancy readings are for entertainment purposes only, please consult a trained professional in their field if you need to specific help concerning pregnancy, health or legal matters. All conjuring services are white magick and do not interfere or overwrite with the free will of others.

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