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**I am unavailable for all services from 6/18/2020 until 7/5/2020. All services booked during this time will be delayed.** All paid Intuitive Card Readings and Conjuring services are sent within 5 - 7 business days (Monday - Friday) from the date your payment and question is received. All paid Astrology and Cardology reports are sent within 7 - 14 business days (Monday - Friday) from the date your payment is received. Please contact me your question(s) after order.  Giveaway readings (participation required) are sent within 14 business days and Free/Gifted readings are sent when I have availability. Email readings are written transcriptions of your  spread. Video readings are recorded videos and sent via private video link  for you to watch and/or listen to multiple times at your convenience. I am dedicated to providing affordable services and pray to be your personal reader for future insight. Tarot and Cartomancy readings are for entertainment purposes only, please consult a trained professional in their field if you need to specific help concerning pregnancy, health or legal matters. All conjuring services are white magick and do not interfere or overwrite with the free will of others.

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